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Seamless Integration - Discreet Screen Pop Up Warnings

Student Information System (SIS) – The School Gate Guardian software can be easily integrated to share data seamlessly with your Student Information System. This eliminates the need for manual downloads of student data and approved guardian lists.

Customizable Unwanted Visitor Registries

The School Gate Guardian software allows you to create customizable lists of visitors that are not allowed in your facilities such as parents with restraining orders, limited visitation rights, protection from abuse orders, or known threats in the community such as expelled students or drug dealers. A discreet pop-up warning occurs when one of these unwanted visitors attempts to enter your facility.

Tardy Student Tracking

School Gate Guardian makes it quick and easy for your staff to track tardy students. The system automatically calculates the amount of minutes the student has been tardy. Our convenient tardy reports show all students who have been tardy and the cumulative amount of minutes they have accrued.

Approved Student Pick-Up Lists

The School Gate Guardian system electronically identifies individuals who have parental approval to pick-up children from your facilities. In the event of an emergency situation the primary caregiver's information is displayed so your staff can attempt to contact them to allow a temporary authorization.

Early Student Dismissal Tracking

Quickly track early dismissal of students who need to leave school early.

Time-Expiring School Visitor ID Badge Technology

The School Gate Guardian system incorporates time-expiring visitor badge technology that contains the visitor's photo, name and visit information. Approximately 10 to 12 hours after a visitor badge is issued a bright red stop sign will appear on the visitor badge showing your staff the badge has expired. This prevents visitors from using the badge at another time or another place in your district.

School Emergency Mass Alert Feature

In the event of an emergency such as a sex offender or an angry parent with a restraining order attempting to enter one of your buildings, your front office staff can send an instant and discreet alert by simply clicking the 'send alert' button. This launches an instantaneous text message and e-mail to key district personnel. This message contains the location of the problem and the reason code. In the event of a sex offender alert, the person's name, physical description and photo are sent in the email.

Web-Based Reporting

School officials can instantly view and print reports from any computer in or outside of the district. This makes it very convenient in the case of a lock-down to view who is in the school. Reports can be exported in various formats and can be emailed.

Faculty/Staff School Check-In and Check-Out

School Gate Guardian can quickly check-in and check-out faculty and staff without the need to print them a visitor badge. This saves the school on visitor badge labels, but also makes it convenient to log and track your faculty and staff.

Convenient School Frequent Visitor Key Tags

Frequent visitors, such as the guy who fills the vending machines or parents who pick up their children on a regular basis, can be issued a 'frequent visitor key tag'. This is a bar-coded key tag that can be conveniently placed on a key chain so when your frequent visitor enters one of your facilities they can simply hand the receptionist the key tag to be scanned by the School Gate Guardian system. The frequent visitor's photograph and information will be displayed so the receptionist can confirm their identity, and a visitor's badge can be printed. This feature greatly streamlines the school check-in process.

Tracks School Volunteer Hours

By flagging a visit as a volunteer, the School Gate Guardian's reporting feature can easily tell your district how many hours a particular volunteer has volunteered their time in your schools.

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