A Point of Sale (POS) Cash Register System is probably the most important purchase you can make to help manage and control your business. Money gets invested into carpet, drapes, tables & chairs, and more. But think about it: what is the only machine in your entire business that actually counts and tracks your money?

Running a business can be costly, especially during the start-up phase. We understand that. At Forbes Snyder/Tri-State Cash Register we have multiple financing options for you to choose from; everything from a traditional purchase to short- or long-term leasing. We even have a rental program that is perfect for new business start-ups or people who may not qualify for traditional leasing.

Lease Programs - Forbes Snyder/Tri-State Cash Register offers only the best in POS equipment leasing available today. We offer programs from 12 months all the way out to 60 months, with low down payments and $1 buyout options. POS leasing is an excellent way to help control cash flow and avoid large cash outlays. We have programs that meet the needs of existing or start-up businesses with varying types of credit scores.

Point of Sale Rentals - One of newest trends available today. Forbes Snyder/Tri-State Cash Register was a pioneer in the evolution of Point of Sale Rentals.

All of our rentals are a "Rent to Own" program.

When the economy crashed in 2008 it was virtually impossible to get anyone financed; even if you could get financed, the rates were astronomical. So Forbes Snyder/Tri-State Cash Register came up with the idea of letting our customers rent systems.

With low down payments and fixed monthly charges, our rental programs are a great way for our customers to run their businesses effectively.

Our rental programs are typically a 36 month Rent to Own. One of the best features of our program is that during the rental period WE technically own the system, so we have to service it! No additional service contracts, no unexpected bills when something goes wrong. Just call us and we will fix it.

We custom program the system to fit your needs, train your staff and provide software updates, all at no extra charge. We will even be on-site at your place of business when you go live, providing that extra sense of security you need, allowing you to focus on your business; we will take care of the system! If you need us, just call us.

Another great feature of our POS rentals is that if you run into unfortunate circumstances - if things aren't working out and you have to close your business - just call us, we will take the system back and release you from the contract. No large cash outlay, no damage to your credit, no bank foreclosures. No Worries!

Between a traditional POS Lease, Rentals, plus a few other options we have available for our customers, we can get just about anyone into a POS System that is right for them.


If we can't get you financed, no one can!







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