My business partner, Dave Eisenberg, suggested that we convert to a POS system instead of the old school triple guest check system. I resisted.  I saw the advantages of POS but was very reluctant because I thought it would be hard for our staff to learn it. Boy was I wrong. We had a few bumps in the road initially but after a while, things went very smoothly. PK and his staff were very helpful programming the system to meet our needs. My only regret is that I wish we had done this earlier. It is probably the best business move we've made.
Don Lucy
Locker Room Sports Pub   
Lee   Ma  01238   413-243-2662

After several months of searching for just the right POS system for our ice cream business, PK and his staff at Forbes-Snyder suggested, programmed and implemented the absolute perfect system for us.  Their professional development and installation of the Ciao system was done on time and created zero downtime for our business.  Their training of our staff allowed for a seamless transition plus their policy to be available at all times for customer and technical service is a god send to any business owner.  So glad we called you Forbes-Snyder!


Thanks for all the help and guidance!


Judy Herrell


Herrell’s Ice Cream

Amherst Brewing Co., Inc.

24-36 No. Pleasant St.

Amherst, MA. 01002



To whom it may concern,


This letter is a recommendation for CIAO Point of Sale systems. We installed CIAO on March 1, 2005 and have been very happy with the operation of the system and especially the support we have received from P.K. and the Forbes-Snyder team. They have worked hard to make the transition from our old POS system to the new CIAO system as smooth as possible. Over the past few months we have been getting comfortable with the CIAO system and are starting to benefit from the detailed daily reports made available through the system. All of our managers and staff are impressed with how easy CIAO is to use and new employees are finding CIAO an easy system to learn. Overall we are looking forward to many years of satisfaction and feel that CIAO Point of Sale system was the right choice for the Amherst Brewing Company.



John P. Korpita


Amherst Brewing Co., Inc.


It has been nine months since we've purchased Ciao, and I would like to
take a few minutes to thank you for selling us such an efficient POS system.
The cashiers are pleased with the feature that allows them to print a check
anytime after the sale. In the past, when asked days after a transaction,
they would guess the amount, and give a hand written receipt. They've also
commented on the ease of combining checks on a split order. We have 350 +
people that come through our cafeteria for lunch every day. It's difficult
to get a group of 10 people to stay together, and come through the line at
the same time, when one person is picking up the tab. Being able to leave a
check open, and add to it in between sales, has immensely cut down, on the

I am extremely pleased with the back office software. Having a completely
functional, live terminal, in my office, allows me the freedom to track
inventory, update menus, change prices, do reports, and printouts, all
without interrupting the cafeteria sales. I would recommend this system to
anyone who has the need to simplify their paper work and utilize their time
elsewhere. Please also extend my gratitude to your staff, for figuring out
ways to customize Ciao to fit our needs. As time passes, and the demand for
change beckons, it's soothing to know that we can count on your experienced
team to come through for us.

Warmest Regards

Rose Pensivy
Food Service Catering Manager,
GE Advanced Materials
1 Plastics Ave.
Pittsfield MA 01201

Esselon Coffee Roasting Co.
99 Russell Street
Hadley MA, 01035
To whom it may concern;
Esselon opened June 2006 and has been operating with the Ciao system from day 1. I met with several point of sale distributors before making my decision which system to use. I was impressed not only with Ciao, but with the knowledge and experience that PK Backholm possessed.
Forbes Snyder was extremely accommodating in the days, weeks, and months following our opening. We had many requests for menu and price changes to our system that were always seen to promptly. The Forbes Snyder team provided excellent training for myself and staff. In the first week of our operation, PK was here everyday ensuring the Ciao system was meeting our needs as a new restaurant.
Now 16 months later, Esselon has become a destination throughout the area. We have a reputation for exceptionally fast and efficient service. Our means of successfully serving 500 meals every Sunday is supported by the fact we have a fast, user friendly, reliable touch screen system. I am thrilled that most employees require minimal training with the Ciao system. It is clear after using Ciao that it was designed by someone who actually worked in the restaurant industry.
What I appreciate most is the many functions that make my job as manager easier. Reporting, scheduling, menu changes, and payroll all are performed with ease. Day in and day out we rely on Ciao to keep our business moving. Months go by without Ciao missing a beat. But what I also depend on is the team at Forbes Snyder providing a immediate response when I do need technical support. They have never let me down thus far.
Johanna Koeppen
General Manager
Esselon Coffee Roasting Co.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am please to recommend the CIAO Pos system to anyone with a need for its services. I first investigated a POS system to control the errors and theft with my receipts. I was apprehensive because of the price and the level of dependence I would have on this system. After contacting a couple different POS vendors I realized that service was a big part of any system. I did some checking and called some references. I found that Forbes-Snyder was the strongest in this area. So I took the plunge.

I have been more than pleased. I really can’t believe I used to operate without the system. I now understand my business better because I know what I’m selling, when I’m selling it, and in what manner (take out, dine in, bar area). I have increased sales because of missed charges that are now being included on the bills. I’m certain it has helped curtail theft. Training new staff is easier, and the operation and efficiency of my staff has improved. I also can see problem areas that previously were guess work, such as how long it is taking for an order to be filled. The usefulness of this system has made the payments seem obsolete.

No system is perfect, and I have experienced minor problems, that - at the time, seem major. No matter how big or small the problem was, the response time for service calls has never been more than 15 minutes. When I required on-site support, Forbes Snyder was here within 1 to 2 hours at the most. Every glitch has been fixed and I feel that Forbes-Snyder is continually working to make my system better. I have had changes made that Tony has done after hours for my convenience. Forbes Snyder has also taught me to do most of the changes myself; the system is very user friendly. The more I can do myself the less reliant I have to be on a service call.

I have really have no complaints about the system and if I had it to do over I would have done it twelve years ago, I also would use Forbes Snyder again.


If you have any questions regarding Forbes-Snyder or the CIAO system please don’t hesitate to call me, I will be forthright about every aspect of the process.  413 221-3300 

Nicholas Giuggio

The Pizza Shop

East Longmeadow, Mass


Seamus O’reilly’s Pub & Grille

80 Jarvis Avenue

Holyoke, MA 01040


February 5, 2005


To Whom It May Concern:


Forbes Snyder installed our new Ciao POS system in October of 2003 for our company. They were wonderful to deal with. They spent many long days and evenings training our staff on Ciao and making sure the system worked for our business.


Their service department is great. If we have any problems they are just a phone call away and the situation will be taken care of day or night.


Ciao has made our business more efficient in all of our departments from our front of the house staff to the back office with all our inventory, payroll, and reports.


If you have any questions in regards to Forbes Snyder, please feel free to contact us directly at 522-3311. Again, Forbes Snyder was, and still is, a pleasure to do business with.



Cynthia L. Kanaley


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